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About Our Church

Church History

In 1849, life was just a little different than it is now.  America wasn't a hundred years old yet, but already becoming a world wide phenomenon.

A group of folks decided that Monroe needed a place to worship the one true God.  They started Smyrna Methodist Episcopal church and with all of its ups and downs, it is still standing.

Today? Well, transitioning has taken on a whole new meaning. However, in the real church, it still means improvement and that is what Smyrna is all about.

We have taken on new things but the God we worship is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen!

Rising Up
From Adversity

Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes, it sneaks right up on you and before you know it, you are hip deep in alligators.  fortunately, the God we serve sees all and when asked, will help guide you.

Our church is no different.  Over the past few years, we have seen some changes and now are ready to move into the future that God has prepared for us.

When adversity comes, remember that it is probably because you are praying for change and it is YOU that makes it seem like it is adversity.


If you are looking for a church home that will support you soundly in Biblical doctrine, please stop by.

If you are looking for a church home that will pray for you and keep you lifted up in prayer, please stop by.

If you are looking for a church home to love on you in a dead and dying world, please stop by.

Even if you are NOT looking, please stop by.

“Smyrna Church and the Lanes Creek Community”

Smyrna Methodist Church, 5019 Medlin Rd, Monroe NC  28112

Smyrna was officially organized, and purchased the land for the church August 21, 1849 for the sum of two dollars from Thomas Redfern of Anson County.  The original deed is for “Smyrna Episcopal Church South”, which was the Methodist denomination in the Southern United States.  On the original deed, it mentions that a meetinghouse was already present on the property, though records do not give us the date that the SME began meeting on this property.  The original church was a log building less than half the size of the current building.  The current sanctuary was constructed in 1912.  There was an original church bell in the yard, which was used to signal the community when someone had died so men could gather and dig the grave!  There was a second deed in 1896 from J W Little for 2.5 acres of land where the church now stands.

Smyrna was named from Scripture:  Revelation 1:11.  The cemetery holds graves back to the 1850’s, with the oldest graves that are still legible inside the wrought iron fencing.  These are graves of founding members and trustees of Smyrna when the church first began.

One of our trustees, Vance Greene (passed Jan 2021) remembered when the Belk Mill Rd moved from the north side of the cemetery to it’s present location of Medlin Rd.  Vance said that men came with mules and logs, and rotated the sanctuary from facing north (towards the cemetery), to facing west where the “new” road was.  He said it was a big event, with many people gathered to watch the event as the building was moved, and re-set on pillars underneath the floor joists.

Smyrna remained Methodist Episcopal until the mid 1960’s when the United Methodist church formed and took in all of the SME churches.  Now Smyrna is taking a new step to form Smyrna Methodist – a community church.  The mission of Smyrna is to preach the gospel as contained in the Holy Bible, to witness and share with others, to teach scriptural truth in all of our messages, and to serve our community.   We are excited to be Christ’s hands, heart, and word in this community!

(detailed history can be found in J Maurice Thomas’ book, “Smyrna Church and the Lanes Creek Community”, 2022, available in local stores and from Amazon.)

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